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22 Sep







Nothing is so classy as shaking up martinis in a nalgene water bottle. Which is to say we are really classy because that’s what we were doing last night. We were celebrating having internet and telephone service again. Apparently the equipment, as in the towers, are not storm proof! We have had some pretty intense electrical storms, heavy rains, typical stuff for the tropics, but Claro wireless towers couldn’t handle it and neither could the internet service provider’s! Combine this with the occasional power outage and it felt like we were getting back to the old days when any of these luxuries would have been just that. Of course in the absence of some luxuries, one can suffice with others, martinis shaken in a nalgene bottle among them.

Along with the tropical weather has some some funky morning sickness. The offshore flow just can’t get enough momentum to clean up the bump created by the afternoon off shores. This is fine for the beach breaks, so we’ve been hunting around Salinas Grande getting some pretty decent waves. Very excited to have our water housing getting sent back…we can’t get photos at Salinas Grande because we access it by boat. With the water housing back we should be able to get some good shots there and other places.

Nothing too amazing in the forecast. A lot of if’s and maybes on the horizon, but we’ll have to wait and see how they pan out.

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17 Sep


What a friggin’ drainer? I don’t always get barrels …but when I do, I prefer them like this…

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17 Sep

Maybe you were around before the Rancho was built, but if you weren’t, you can be happy you missed that era. I suppose if you had to sit on the fence or stair rail while looking out through the cement columns to check the waves, you might actually appreciate the rancho a little more. The rancho is so cool though, it doesn’t take much to appreciate it! Just sorting through some photos and though you might appreciate a little before and after;-)

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17 Sep

Miss Kay Kay and I took a much needed ‘stay-cation’ here in Nicaragua and we had a wonderful time to say the least. We know we’re spoiled living here at the camp, but once in a while a little sortie is needed to get away from our space here and do nothing for a minute. We decided to stay at La Abuela on the shore of Laguna Apoyo and it was fantastic. Our little lakeside cabin was so tranquil we were lulled into naps like narcoleptics. The breezes come in from the Caribbean side of the country and every night we were serenaded by tree frogs and raindrops. It was intoxicating (in more ways than one;-) …of course I cut the vacation short because we had to be home for the arriving swell. We were about 12 hours early for its arrival, but by Monday mid-morning it was pushing double overhead out front and there were lots of barrels. The winds were very cooperative for the duration of the swell and it only went onshore once…we did get some cool lighting storms and a lot of rain as well.
NOTE: some of the photos are blurry because they’re screen shots from videos. I’ve been hammering Kayla to shoot more video and so I didn’t have the photo stock I wanted for the blog…positive problem. I’ll get a video edited for y’all ASAP! In the mean time…GO SURF!

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17 Sep

We’re slowly overhauling the website, click here for all Greg’s latest videos in one place!

There’s been some glitches on the site in the last couple of months, please let us know if you spot anything that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t look right!

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13 Sep

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 8.13.41 PM

In this case it’s not just the suspense of what’s going to happen with this swell, but also whether I’m going to be able to surf! While we remain pretty lucky as a crew around here, especially considering the risks we take on a daily basis, two of us are benched with injuries. Sean is back in the states getting his knee scoped, courtesy of a small wave out front at punta miramar. I on the other hand am out with a pinched nerve, courtesy of a waist high wave at freight trains?! I’m watching this swell approach and wondering if I can get an epidural to make the pain subside enough to get in the water. In the mean time I’m rolling out of bed…because I have to- sitting up is not an option! Rest assured though…at the very least we (meaning possibly me) will get lots of pictures and videos to put up for all of you. Maybe I’ll be in he photos and maybe I’ll be behind the lens. The suspense is killing me…

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9 Sep








I’ll let you guess which photo is evidence of the diatribe I unleashed on a few unsuspecting souls. There are a few rules in surfing and I’m going to ignore the obvious, like don’t drop in on people.
1. When you DO drop in on someone and he or she decides to confront you about it, don’t say “I didn’t see you”… if you did see us and dropped in anyway, then you’re really wrong and you should probably stop breathing at the earliest opportunity. If you didn’t see us, it was because you didn’t fucking look! Either way, it’s a really fucking stupid answer and it will get you in trouble.
2. Don’t ever, ever, (EVER) say “I”m sorry”… it doesn’t matter. If you’re sorry we know it already, you were wrong in the first place and all you’re doing is stating the obvious. Just say, “It won’t happen again”…or, if you want to fight, say “How ’bout if I kick your ass”. Either of these answers are infinitely better than “I’m sorry”…the fact is we know you’re sorry…a sorry m***r F***cker…that’s all you are.
3. Refer to #1 and #2

Good waves today…;-)

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8 Sep







Stupid blog titles…it’s hard coming up with something unique every day though. Maybe I should just use dates and do away with the stupid titles. Made in the Shade… I might as well have titled it “Another Day In Paradise”…I’m sure I’ve used that one at least 6 times in the past.

Anyway…I digress. Did I mention the waves were good again? They were and the winds were good and we surfed and we got tubed and everybody was happy! It wasn’t quite as good as yesterday, but it was still pretty phenomenal. The sand bar is happy and that’s a good thing. It was at least good enough to make a few barrels to get us in the shade;-)

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7 Sep

I’d like to thank all the gods and variables and things that could have gone wrong but didn’t, for rallying together and getting on the same page and arranging for today to be one of the better sessions all year. You know I’m spoiled and when the waves are good I think they’re Meh (if that’s a word). When the waves are excellent, I think they’re good. When the waves are epic…well, when it’s epic it’s epic. I’m not trying to say that today was epic, but it was pretty close. Really it was probably epic for some, but for me it was good…real good.

We surfed out front for a bit while the tide dropped and then waited about an hour after the low to get the boat out to Freighties…it was pretty good when we got there and definitely better farther to the inside. It seems that when the tide is lower the larger waves crumble on the outer parts of the sand bar…it’s just a little too shallow out there and not the right shape. Then as the tide filled in the larger waves rolled over that shallow spot and farther in, throwing on the sand bar in true Freight Train’s fashion. The crowd was light and friendly…I only yelled at one group of guys and two individuals;-) (and there were some pretty girls too). The winds were light offshore and even occasional nil. The size was a little overhead and very ripable. There were quite a few barrels especially on the inside section. Only complaint is that the boat couldn’t safely sit farther inside to get photos and video of the best section of the wave. Needless to say Evan and I and a couple others capitalized on the misunderstood or otherwise leftovers…it was a goldmine!

The sand bar is in good form right now. We got some west swell from Hurricane Maria and that pushed the sand farther inside. Now with Norbert threatening to do the same it seems as though there’s a good ‘foundation’ for the new sand to fill in on top of. We’ve had some rain which helps the sand flow, but not enough in the past few days. Luckily the Estuary machine pretty much insures a constant flow of sand and sediment…but the addition of rain just turbo charges things.

We have had onshore winds kicking in for the afternoons… they’re really light and it’s still surf-able, but again, when you’re spoiled and used to offshore winds all the time…well…any onshore sucks! it’s ok though…we were surfed out in two hours this morning still wound up surfing for almost 4!

I hope you guys like the photos…hopefully you made it this far…I usually don’t write this much;-)

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6 Sep





You know sometimes the angle of the photo makes it look smaller. If you’re lying down and looking up at it it definitely looks bigger… but when you’re standing above it and looking down, just by perspective it always looks smaller. So trust me when I say, it’s bigger than it looks. The same thing is true with regards to the waves…the rancho view is awesome, but you have to get down on the beach for the waves to look as big as they really are;-)

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