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25 Jan

Low country Boil anyone? January 31st we’re having a dinner party at the house. Our new guide, Matthew Hazen Khouri, runs Outer Banks Boil Company and he offered to make one of his famous Low Country Boils. So if you’re in Nicaragua and looking for some dinner, come by and we’ll be happy to feed you.


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21 Jan

I will quote a returning guest when he said “everything is 2 hours.” This is kinda true. A lot of adventures we take, take about 2 hours to get there. Price we pay for being in a sleepy secluded fishing village not yet popular on the map. But, if you have been here before, you know why we are here! Yesterday we took a volcano hike and we are lucky because it’s only 45 minutes away. It’s a short hike but with stunning views and a lake! Yesterday some cowboys came down the path with cows, horses, and dogs. It was pretty impressive watching this guys gather up over 20 huge farm animals. Our dog Luke was very excited and tried to make friends but they wanted nothing to do with him and he almost got kicked in the face more than once. Had cold beers waiting for us in the car and drove home while watching the sun set. Not bad.

cow1 craterlake


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21 Jan

This country is sure to make you giggle on occasion. In this edition whilst we were spending some time at Transito, we had a couple of good laughs. You will see in the photos my friend Carla, the goat. She lives on the beach in Transito and spends most of her time penned up so she doesn’t eat every plant within reach. In fact Carla is for sale, I was told by the owner he would make me good price! I said “Hell No!”…we’ve spent way to much time getting our gardens to look nice to have Carla eat them down to the nubs! I did take Carla for a walk on the beach though. We tracked down some leaves to eat and she took a pee next to me…good times.

In another photo you will see the Nicaraguan Ghetto Blaster. One guys got the speaker, or in this case Peavey guitar amp. Another has got the car battery. Another is holding the inverter, and of course one more with the MP3 player full of Ranchero music. Voila…party on the beach. It was hilarious as they walked over a mile with the ghetto blaster and they didn’t even get one girls phone number…probably because their hands were full.

Oh…and the waves were fun. Even bigger than we expected, but perfect for learning to surf and fun enough for those with some skills. Nicaragua produces even in the off season.

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14 Jan







We set off to chase some waves today…playing a little hookie from work since we have a gap in guests. We’re glad we got up early on our day off as the search paid off and we found some fun barrels before the howling off shores chunked things up. Not even I was complaining. Now with the swell filling in it’s time to do some admin work, maybe take some hammock time, then see if we can sneak in another surf before the sunsets and drinking time starts!

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14 Jan









God I whine a lot! My guides from the east coast make me well aware of that. “ohhhh…it’s chilly!” I say as we paddle to the boat. “Shut the fuck up!” they say…I deserve it. “Man these waves are small” I cry. “Dude, it’s shoulder high and nobody is out?!”, they’re correct again. Apparently when it’s not 8-10 foot and hollow I’m not happy. I still have fun, and I know I’m mentally challenged, but when you get used to bacon, deli-soy doesn’t fool me. Then again, the occasional barrel will set me straight just when my whining is coming to a screeching crescendo.

Here are a few shots from the past two weeks when my complaining was at a minimum…

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11 Jan







Ahhh…it’s good to be back! I’m not sure how many of you I lost along the way, but our internet was down and it sucked! We’re remote enough and our internet is our lifeline to the world outside…and no Netflix!? I think the good news is I’ve got a line on a new provider that will cost less and deliver better service. It just took our current company giving us the run around to stimulate change.

So now that we’re back you can see we’ve actually been getting some waves. We’ve had some wicked strong offshore winds that keep us surfing breaks close to the beach, but that’s fine with us as long as we’re getting barrels. Except for a couple of lulls there have been consistent waves to give us a little tube here or there or maybe a good off the top. That’s all you can ask for around here…that and some decent internet.

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9 Jan

Here at Surf Tours Nicaragua we get a lot of return guests who claim we’re one of the best hotels in Nicaragua for surfing, they love the waves on the doorstep plus some of the other spots we take the boat or cars to, they love going out on the boat to hunt waves and fish!  They love watching the waves at the point from 30ft in our rancho up whilst relaxing in a chair or hammock with a drink!  They all dig the bountiful food and cold drinks! plus the family feel that Greg, Kayla and the rest of the crew have created that keeps them coming back to one of the best hotels for surfing in Nicaragua and possibly Central America!

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7 Jan

We’re enjoying some decent shoulder high surf at the beach breaks and close reefs, the winds are strong offshore like they are every January and February and the crowds are non existent now the holiday season is over, make us an offer till Feb 20th and we’ll see what we can do!  The swells range from knee high to a few feet overhead during these months and you can get all the set waves you want!

We still have no internet at the camp – thanks to our provider IBW for never showing up, will be looking for a new service provider this month!

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2 Jan

Also a belated Happy Christmas and New Year to all! sorry there has been no news from us this holiday season! We’ve had no internet at the camp for 2 weeks now so feel a little out of touch!  But we all had a great time without it!  We hope you all had a great festive season and look forward to surfing with you in 2015!

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1 Jan

We’re pretty harsh critics around here and often very critical of claims… “oh bro…did you see that wave? It was like double overhead”= an 8 foot face. “Did you see me?…I got totally barreled!”= head dip. I mean if you free fall into a double overhead backdoor barrel and disappear for 10 seconds only to make a near guillotine curtain call… that’s claim worthy for sure. Otherwise we feel any barrel should be modestly checked off in the mind and you should calmly understate the quality of it, as though you’re more used to much heavier accomplishments.

Thus when the new guide’s exhuberant hand raising over a quick cover up is caught on camera…the hazing shall commenceth. You’ll see in the photos Keith Getzinger, fresh out of North Carolina but clearly with some Brazilian heritage, claiming his cover up like he just won the pipeline masters in a final heat against Slater. For this I give him 10 points. Nothing like a Carolina claim to make you famous around here.

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