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Uncrowded Waves

Need we say more? Here at STN, we are all about getting you into uncrowded surf. Here are some of the higlights of over 25 different surf spots that we get you access to in our custom-built surf pange (yeah…we have the only boat with T-top, board racks and stereo, and “Surf Tours Nicaragua I” is fully rigged for sport fishing) and in our three 4×4 rigs.

Check out the waves, and then head over and check out the Packages that we offer. Finally, Contact us to make reservations or for more information.
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Freight Trains

Asuchillo Beach Break


Offshore sandbar left at the mouth of an estuary with 400m long rides when it connects up. Barrels on the take-off and gives way to rippable walls. Breaks over an offshore sandbar, so the risks are low. Only accessible by boat. Just 10 minutes from Deluxe camp. Benefits from over 300 days of offshore Papagayo winds. Intermediate to advanced.  Otherwise known as Puerto Sandino or just La Barra! Beautiful beach break with ample A-frame peaks. Almond shaped barrels. Works well at virtually any size. This break is a perfect one for a chill day, and for less-experienced surfers, but can challenge even the best. Benefits from offshore winds 250+ days per year. 5 minutes ride from our Luxury Accommodations. Fun for all surfing abilities. Hollow racey wedges in a tight cove. Fun wave for all experience levels. Multiple peaks to enjoy and stunning scenery!
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Hollow, F-A-S-T left point breaking over a shallow reef. Shallow, rocky and heavy, but arguably one of the best waves in all of Central America. Benefits from over 250 days of offshore Papagayo winds created by Nicaragua’s lakes. Expert only on a big swell.  Also known as Meat Grinders! A-Frame mysto reef break that shows up on certain bigger swells. Very rippable when it shows up, but not always the most consistent wave. Benefits from over 250 days of offshore Papagayo winds created by Nicaragua’s lakes. Intermediate to Advanced. Right reef break. Deep-water takeoff to a walling tube giving way to a rippable section. Benefits from over 250 days of offshore Papagayo winds created by Nicaragua’s lakes. Another incredible wave that can hold any size! Intermediate to advanced.
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Punta Miramar


Our secret spot. We can’t even tell you more than that, but the picture tells the whole story. Breaks hard over a shallow sandbar. Fast and hollow. Paddle hard and hang on for this one!!! Benefits from 300+ days of offshore winds. Right in front of our house, A short, very hollow left breaking over shallow reef. Excellent shape. Works best from 3 to 6 feet and again when swell is throwing triple overhead. Two fast sections, one on the takeoff and one inside. Intermediate to advanced wave. Excellent reef/beach break just down the beach from Punta Miramar. Breaks right and left at mid-tide. Very playful but can get really hollow on the right swell direction. Just 1 minutes walk from our house and visible from our pool and decks!
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Caca Perro and Casa Blanca


Salinas Boca Rio

17 Miles of hollow and rippable beach break only accessible by boat, with our years of experience we know where the best peaks are.  With the boat we can drop each person on their own peak! Indicators breaks through the low tide and can throw fun, rippable walls on decent swell. Another great spot to finish the day on. Called Indicators because it shows whether Freight Trains is working well. Often shifting sand bars that can produce long lefts and rights or giant close outs, lots of current on a big day with long hollow barrels for everyone!

And many, many more…but we don’t want to give up all our secrets spots on the internet! You’ll have to come down to sample the others.

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